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#EthicalHour is on a mission to help good businesses grow. To create a world where ethical and sustainable consumption is the norm, because all businesses operate that way. To build a future where business is a powerful force for good.

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Network & collaborate with like-minded founders and industry experts who share your vision


Learn practical business, marketing & sustainability skills to grow your income and impact


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Be part of a global movement to create a world where business for good is business as usual

Are you a Big Why Business Founder?

You’re here to do more than just earn money, pay bills and sleepwalk through life

You have a deep calling to create change in society, improve lives and do good

And you know that “business as usual” won’t cut it anymore.

You’re working hard to build a business which empowers people, protects the environment, invests in communities and supports inspiring causes…

…because you care about our home and you want to see people and planet thrive.

This community is the place for you!

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