[20] Deakin and Blue: Body positivity and positive impact

[20] Deakin and Blue: Body positivity and positive impact

In today’s episode I chat to Rosie Cook, Founder of transformational swimwear company Deakin and Blue, who were the recent winners of the Blue Patch Awards in the Sustainable Innovation category.

Deakin and Blue was started when Rosie struggled to find a swimsuit that she felt great in on the high street. It’s a struggle many women face, and it’s actually putting them off getting in the water.

500,000 women have given up swimming in the last 10 years because of body image concerns, and 1 in 2 mums have stopped taking their child to learn to swim because of the thought of putting on a swimsuit. Deakin and Blue are on a mission to change this, and to help women, whatever their shape or size, feel great in a swimsuit.

As a brand they have removed single use plastic from every stage of their supply chain, and they use a regenerated yarn to create their swimsuits – a yarn made from regenerated post-consumer waste, such as spent fishing nets.

Today we talk about body positivity, how women are portrayed in advertising and the media, sustainability, plastic free and circular economy.

Find out more about Deakin and Blue and shop the collection on their website: https://www.deakinandblue.com/


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