[27] Food Heroes: Finding the world’s ethical Food Heroes!

[27] Food Heroes: Finding the world’s ethical Food Heroes!

The food industry has a massive impact on people, the planet and animals. Through the Food Heroes Podcast, Katie Jones shine a light on the good guys going down the more difficult road of ethical sourcing and production to show that ethical food production can be done!

We don’t always talk about where our food comes from or how it’s made, but there are so many issues from labour rights, to climate change, packaging, animal welfare and more. Katie has talked to everybody from Fairtrade producers through to animal welfare certified farmers.

She aims to highlight the wide range of food problems and potential solutions – including the potential future of food production, such as eating insects!

Food is such a part of everyday life and community. Analysing it might mean a difficult change in our habits or giving up the food we love, so Katie promotes small changes towards sustainability.

In today’s episode we discuss the importance of food in our everyday lives, the range of ethical concerns in food systems, convenience culture and more.

Find out more and tune into the Food Heroes Podcast: https://foodheroespodcast.com/

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