5 Reasons you should be applying for Business Awards

5 Reasons you should be applying for Business Awards

You’ve probably seen a post or two advertising the Blue Patch Business Awards this year.

In fact, there is a whole list of business awards awarded during the course of the year, but few of those are a perfect fit for ethical British businesses, and an even smaller number work for small businesses.  

We’re guessing that so far you’ve probably dismissed the thought of applying.

Too much trouble, wrong fit, too expensive, waste of time, you’ll never get it, what good will it do?

The Blue Patch team are here to tell you that there is, in fact, a LOT of benefit to applying for business awards. Don’t believe us? Read on…

Marketing & Press

As people become increasingly aware of issues surrounding sustainability, they embrace the challenge of living a more sustainable lifestyle, keeping their eyes out for brands and products that relate to their new ethos.

Being shortlisted for an award means an increased share of publicity and marketing for a business.

Winning, of course, brings even more brand recognition and can give a business a competitive advantage because all of a sudden, they become an award-winning business.

It’s a stamp of approval that in turn can facilitate additional growth.

Alice of Brambleberry Jams got her first order from a well known deli in her local area that spotted her products in a Facebook competition.

Alice had applied to this competition even though she didn’t think she’d win, and in a wonderful turn of events she received an unexpected opportunity to put her products out in front of paying customers!

Networking & Advice

Business awards are often judged by a panel of successful professionals.

They are leaders in their field who can critique a business and provide practical constructive advice. If you make an impression on them, additional opportunities may open up in the future!

Brand association & Recognition

Being shortlisted for an award, or winning an award gives you additional credibility in terms of being able to associate your brand with the award giving body.

All of a sudden you have brand new logos to use on your website, on marketing materials and to share with your customers.

This is a great way to let them know that you are being recognised for your values. It raises your business profile and builds trust.

Competitors & Collaborators

You’ll probably come into contact with businesses who are willing to share tips and tricks with you on what’s working and isn’t working for them.

You may meet businesses in your local area. New friends? You may even find a smooth synchronicity in your businesses and come up with a new method of collaboration.

You might even have a brain wave about how to set yourself apart from your competitors. The sky’s the limit!

Benchmark & Reflect

As a business owner, taking a step back is critical.

You need to be able to evaluate the results of your work, identify what is needed and plan the next steps to take your business even further.

Applying for an award allows you to benchmark your business against other businesses, reflect on your success, as well as map out the direction in which to take your business in the future.

Over to you…

If we’ve managed to convince you that applying for a business award IS worth your time then the next step you can take right now is to take a look at the Blue Patch Business Awards, identify the categories in which you might fit, select 4 good photos, fill out the brief application form and send it soaring in our direction. We promise to give it our utmost attention.


Blue Patch is an ethical business community and curated platform for high-end, sustainable British goods and services. We’re also a social enterprise with 100% of our income supporting British business, community conservation and renewable energy.

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