#BeeTheChange with The Grass People

#BeeTheChange with The Grass People

This week, we’re joined by #EthicalHour sponsor The Grass People to discuss the importance of clean-cut grass seed and how helping bees and other pollinators can start at home. By creating your own wildflower garden, you can help protect and preserve UK wildlife for generations to come.

This guest post is part of the #EthicalHour sponsorship programme – written by The Grass People.


In early February, The Guardian reported results from a journal article that revealed more  than 40% of our insect species are declining and a third are now endangered. A damning statistic, we sometimes underestimate just how much insects underpin our ecosystem.

In the UK, butterfly species were the worst to succumb to the insect population plummet – falling by 58%.

Our beloved bees were not far behind them, falling by 46%. The last 50-year detrimental demise of bee numbers and species has been well recorded, but why is it happening and how can we stop it?

Scientists believe that there is a combination of factors affecting the fall of bees and other pollinators such as disease, pesticides and a lack of available habitats.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – because there are things you can do at home to create habitats for the little fluffy fellas, and the fluttery ones too. By following our next six steps, you can #BeetheChange.

6 steps to #BeetheChange

  1. Create your own wildflower garden with a mix made for its bee attracting abilities!
  2. Place a bee bath beside your wildflowers to give thirsty bees respite in hot weather.
  3. Build or buy a Bug Hotel to provide shelter for bees and pollinators.
  4. Help bees when you see them by introducing them to a 50:50 water / sugar solution on a spoon for them to suckle.
  5. Don’t use pesticides on plants and flora in your garden. Although you may be getting rid of ‘pesky insects’ you’re harming bees and pollinators, too.
  6. Help those who are already helping! The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Plantlife are charities that promote the protection & preservation of all pollinators.  


What we can do

Here at The Grass People, our wildflower mixes contain wildflowers that are on the very esteemed RHS Perfect for Pollinators list.

This means that not only do they have the ability to attract bees and pollinators, but that they’re very good at it, too.

By providing expert mixes made to invite bees and butterflies to their very own pollinator party, we hope we’re doing our bit as best we can.

Through our yearly corporate membership with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we can help them continue to the amazing work that they do every day.

Last year, our contribution helped to fund 8 important landscape-scale conservation projects and enabled them to participate in 5 further partner-led projects across the UK.

We’re always reviewing our charitable donations and are equally always on the look out to help local communities grow wildflowers, so if you’re reading this and know any, we’d love to hear your ideas! info@thegrasspeople.com


What you can do

You can follow our steps above on how to #BeetheChange, but you can also help support wildlife charities such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Plantlife who work tirelessly to protect and preserve bees and pollinators and the environments they inhabit.


About The Grass People

Here at The Grass People, we believe that what you put in, is what you get out. That’s why all our grass seed, unlike the stuff you get from the sale rack in the garden centre, is high quality.

We know our grass seed grows – it’s not a ‘miracle’, it’s rigorous testing for successful germination, each and every time. We know our grass seed isn’t cleaned with chemicals, and so should you – with no nasties going in, no nasty surprises come out.

We believe that Quality is Simple, and whether you’ve never picked up a pitchfork in your life or you’re a seasoned professional – great growing grass and glorious green spaces, whatever their purpose, should be easy to look after and available to everyone.


The Small Print

The Grass People sell a Feed, Weed and Moss Killer for lawn use. Although weed killers are sometimes regarded as a pesticide, they are not harmful to bees and pollinators.

Currently, our grass seed and wildflower seed packaging is 100% recyclable although not made from recycled materials (we are working on this!).

You can reuse our bags to collect leaves off your lawn in autumn or use our wildflower seed bags for washing line pegs – these are just some of the uses our customers have found for their leftover bags!


Click here to download our 6 Steps to Bee the Change poster to put up in your office or home!

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