“Doubt is our product” – The dark marketing tactics Big Oil took straight from the Big Tobacco playbook

In the 1950s, cigarette companies began to learn that their product is a killer.  For decades, Big Tobacco denied the harmful effects of their products, minimising the link between smoking in pregnancy and smaller birth weights, concealing evidence that nicotine is addictive, and running extensive PR and lobbying campaigns to rubbish the connection between smoking…


Our 2020 Impact Report

PURPOSE At #EthicalHour, our vision is simple: to unite the most vibrant, supportive and sustainable community of changemakers on the internet. We’re here to create a world where “business as usual” is no longer a harmful thing for people and the planet. By helping good businesses grow, we aim to: Create a world where ethical…

consumer sustainability trends 2021

Consumer sustainability trends 2021: What trends to watch

A deep dive into consumer sustainability trends 2021. The events of 2020 accelerated consumer sustainability trends that had already been starting to emerge across many different markets. Despite being one of the most unpredictable years ever, it helped create greater public awareness of sustainability and deepen consumer understanding of the impact we’re having on the…