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  Rachelle Strauss is the founder of Zero Waste Week - a global campaign designed to raise awareness of waste and encourage people to send less stuff to landfill. Starting on 3rd September, Zero Waste Week 2018 will be all about reducing single use plastics. As China...

  We all want to tackle plastic pollution, and many people embraced the highs and lows of Plastic Free July recently - but sometimes it's impossible to avoid. Plastic is everywhere! When you're trying to cut down on plastic, it can be frustrating when supermarkets wrap everything...

  Crowdfunding is an exciting and innovative way to raise funds and bring new products to market. But with the UK success rate for crowdfunding sitting at just 20%, how can you know if it's right for you, and what's the secret to a successful campaign? Jes...

  The fashion industry has one of the largest carbon footprints. Over the past 10 years clothing has been the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, with 300,000 tonnes of clothing going to landfill or being incinerated every year. The UK Government has now announced a...

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