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  Plastic Free July is here and many of us are working hard to reduce the amount of single use plastics in our lives - but it's not easy. What happens when you can't find an alternative? Do you give up and buy it anyway, or...

Today on the podcast we talk all things ethical fashion, living your values and escaping the fast fashion trap with our guest Roberta Lee, founder of Roberta Style Lee and the Ethical Brand Directory. In 2015 Roberta made the conscious decision to step away from full-time...

I've noticed than many of our community members are struggling to get the engagement and growth they want on Instagram. It's a fantastic marketing tool with a thriving ethical and sustainable community, so today I'm sharing 3 tips you can implement right away to get...

  In this episode, Sian welcomes Richard Tucker to the podcast. Richard is Managing Director at Leesa, an innovative US company that is revolutionising sleep and social impact. The Leesa Mattress is available exclusively online and is delivered to your door, compressed in a box. With a...

  Welcome to the #EthicalHour Podcast! You know you want to make the world a better place. You want to have a positive impact, to live and work in line with your values and tackle the big issues. But you can’t do it alone… #EthicalHour is a global online community empowering...

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