[15] Clothes That Tell Tales and Transparent Supply Chains

[15] Clothes That Tell Tales and Transparent Supply Chains

Jo Salter is the Founder of Where Does It Come From? An ethical fashion brand that can tell you exactly who made your clothes, where to cotton came from and how it was made at every stage of the supply chain.

Jo has been on the podcast before talking about her transparent supply chains in India and how she built them – and we collaborated together to run the Ethical Brands For Fashion Revolution Event in London in April 2018.

Now Jo is working on establishing ethical supply chains in Africa to bring a range of ethical African tunics to the UK. In this episode she joins us to talk about the process of setting up a new supply chain, why ethical fashion is important and what ethical considerations you need to think about when you buy cotton – and so much more!

Their new range uses rain-fed cotton as a more sustainable choice of materials and the supply chain has been built to give back to the community as much as possible.

Find out more about the African tunic project and support the Crowdfund campaign here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/african-tunics

Find out more about Where Does It Come From? here: https://www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk/


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