Fashion Revolution 2019: the faces of a new fashion industry

Fashion Revolution 2019: the faces of a new fashion industry

An estimated 40 million people are living in modern slavery.

The fashion industry is currently responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, and that figure is set to rise by more than 60 percent by 2030.

Clothing has become the fastest growing waste stream in the U.K, with the average garment being discarded after just eight wears.

The clothes we wear are exploiting people and harming the planet – but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Responsible production and consumption of clothing is possible. Ethical fashion goes far beyond its frumpy stereotypes and can be the most stylish and creative way to celebrate your values.

Sustainable fabric innovations are providing designers with inspiring new options to make their collections planet friendly.

And thanks to Fashion Revolution, consumers can have a voice and contribute to positive change.

This week, on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, ethical consumers around the world will celebrate ethical and sustainable fashion as they continue to campaign for much needed change.

Attention will be on big brands to tell us #WhoMadeMyClothes and fashion lovers around the world will continue to push for greater transparency in textile supply chains.

At #EthicalHour, we’re celebrating some of the leading, independent ethical fashion brands who are committed to transparent, ethical and sustainable supply chains, garments and working practices.

Meet the fashion revolutionaries…


Blue Okra

“As a mother and grandmother, I care about the way we are leaving this planet for our children. As a designer of organic baby blankets and sleepwear at Blue Okra, I am working toward ensuring that everyone in our supply chain is valued and earns a living wage.”


Rejecting the exploitations of fast fashion, fashion revolutionaries care about living responsibly on this fragile planet and about the dignity of everyone on it. It informs how we live, work and creatively express ourselves.

The fashion revolution is about how we all are working together in a new way – learning, sharing, changing the way we work, respecting people and the planet. We’re creating and evolving together.

Blue Okra came about from this idea of doing business differently. Returning to design and the fashion industry after being away for 21 years, I saw that the way we used to do things was not OK. Now, I’m just as excited about how we work as I am about what we’re making!

When we create organic baby blankets and sleepwear, we are working to ensuring that our supply chain is sustainable and that all of its workers are respected. We source locally, use recyclable/recycled materials and manage our waste. We are also working toward making certain that everyone in our supply chain has good working conditions and is paid a living wage.

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Brooks and Sharpe

“We believe in Fashion Revolution because the current fashion model is unsustainable –both as a business model and for our planet.”


At Brooks & Sharpe we want to champion ethical and sustainable fashion and show consumers it is possible to look fashion forward and do a great deal for our planet at the same time.

We curate the best and most unique of ethical independent fashion brands and do our due diligence so you can shop in confidence knowing everything listed on our platform was designed, sourced and manufactured in an ethical manner – meaning everyone involved was paid a fair wage and the methods used to produce the collections did not harm the environment.

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Couchman Bespoke

“I always believed the fashion industry was about expression of self until I realised the true cost of every garment and the people behind the label. Fashion Revolution gives these makers a face, voice and story. Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth.”


Couchman Bespoke are sustainably British tailors who believe in equality to all, sharing skills and clean water.

Our aim is to educate about the importance of buying consciously and living in harmony with the planet.

We are building a collective of quality tailors from London to the rest of the world, who are extremely knowledgeable about garment construction, provide a personable service and are paid a living wage. From alterations to bespoke making by yourself learning the key skills either from beginner to more confident, or by a tailor.

Keeping everything local to reduce the carbon footprint from cloth sourcing to manufacture. All cloth is currently either from remnant rolls or organic if new, and we do not buy new cotton even if organic due to the high-water usage.

A percentage of profits go towards water charities who really help in the fight against water poverty and provide clean drinking water in more places around the world. We also want to help educate these countries on water pollution and chemical harm, providing natural solutions and ways to give back to the earth with great benefit.

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Dilli Grey

“We champion people so why would we not champion transparency… we are proud to show you the people who have helped create our lovely brand and working to showcase their skill and talent is what we strive for… human connections lie at the heart of everything we do at Dilli Grey”


Dilli Grey is an ethical lifestyle collection of Indian-inspired, artisanal clothing and homewares – creating beautiful, considered products in a mindful way. Known for our signature hand-block printed cotton sleepwear and quilts as well as hand-embroidered womenswear, home accessories and gifts.
Dilli Grey uniquely offers everyday luxury with a soul, and the wanderlust magic of India sewn into every design. We believe in everything that Fashion Revolution stands for, transparent and honest communication about the way our industry operates.
We must work together to make this the new norm to change the language and the way we approach manufacturing and design.



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The Ethical Rebel

“I believe in Fashion Revolution because I believe that harming people and the planet for the sake of profit is not only cruel, it is unnecessary.”


The Ethical Rebel is an ethical fashion magazine based in Cornwall, celebrating brands that love people and the planet as much as they do about creating amazing clothes.

Our ethical fashion directory helps people find good clothes that suit their lifestyle without compromising their ethics.

We’ve joined the Fashion Revolution because we want the horrific practices we see happening in the fashion industry to stop. We want to use whatever skills we have to transform fashion’s reputation for the better.

We collaborate with and support inspirational fashion brands that prove ethical fashion is not only possible but results in a product that is cared for and lasts longer.

By raising awareness of the damaging practices in the fashion industry and offering alternatives, we empower consumers to make choices that invest in a healthier industry and change it for the better.

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“We hope that Fashion Revolution becomes the standard and not just an annual event. We must protect all the workers involved in clothes production at every level. Transparency & sustainability is essential, both for the industry & earth. Vive la révolution.”


Hideous is an ethical, quirky streetwear brand based in Newcastle in the UK.

Hideous was founded by anonymous designer and artist Mr Hideous who created the label to rebel against the malpractices in the “fast fashion” mass production industry.  

Mr Hideous is responsible for all designs.

All designs are produced from GOTS certified organic materials in an ethically accredited renewable-energy powered factory. Everything is GM free and use no animal derived products.

Every item’s journey has full traceability from seed to customer and designs are printed to order to eliminate waste.

We operate a circular economy where old designs can be returned for recycling in exchange for store credit.

Our packaging is a recyclable brown paper, quirky, sea creature “plastic sucks” design. We also use a “closed loop” manufacturing process where water is recirculated, cleaned, filtered and re-used again as wastewater from dyehouse effluent is a major source of pollution in the industry.

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Kind Socks

“We believe in Fashion Revolution because it’s time to change the fashion world to a more fair place for everyone. We want to be part of that revolution by making sure our socks support the people involved in production every step of the way.”


At Kind Socks, we have reimagined the classic sock in a fun ethical way – giving this everyday essential sock the love it deserves.

That means organic cotton socks that is pure. No pesticides. No toxic chemicals.

We believe in Fashion Revolution because it’s time to change the fashion world to a more fair place for everyone.

We want to be part of that revolution by making sure our socks support the people involved in production every step of the way, whether it’s the cotton farmers or the textile workers.

We only use cotton that’s GOTs standard and we are constantly looking for ways to improve both ethically and sustainably. It’s important for us to know where our socks come from and who made them.

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mi apparel

“This FASHION REVOLUTION join the global movement for more transparency in our fashion industry. Be Curious, Ask Questions, Do Something About it.”


mi apparel was founded on the belief that Fashion is fun, beautiful, radical, a rebel, freedom, free speech. We just add layers of Ethnicity, Sustainability & Transparency.

Launched in 2018, mi apparel brings you a collection of effortlessly cool sustainable fashion & accessories, natural organic beauty and ethical homeware for your conscious lifestyle

This FASHION REVOLUTION join the global movement for more transparency in our fashion industry. Be Curious, Ask Questions, Do Something About it.

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“Fashion Revolution is fundamental in galvanising the mass movement of change that we need to deliver a better future for our planet; continuing to apply pressure on the fashion industry to work more ethically, responsibly and within the means of the resources we have available to create with.”


PALA is an ethical sunglasses brand with a difference.

We’re on a mission to make a change. To be the most sustainable eyewear brand that you can get behind, by standing up for what’s important and putting people and the planet first.

Fashion Revolution is fundamental in galvanising the mass movement of change that we need to deliver a better future for our planet; continuing to apply pressure on the fashion industry to work more ethically, responsibly and within the means of the resources we have available to create with.

For PALA we aim to extend the eyecare solutions we are providing in Africa, further our work with weaving communities in Ghana and investing in more sustainable materials for our eyewear.

PALA are currently crowdfunding to expand their range of frames made from more sustainable materials (bio-acetate and recycled acetate), and fund a brand new outreach project in Ethiopia which will provide vital training and eye care to patients in disadvantaged areas. Find out more and support them on Indiegogo.


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“Progoti supports and embraces Fashion Revolution’s goals involving the entire value chain collaborating to change the fashion industry through positive actions and novel solutions.”


Progoti partners with consumers through a progressive business model that enables them to support the welfare of garment workers.

Our goal is to help revolutionize the Bangladeshi garment industry by selling products to consumers at cost and in return asking them to consider adding a voluntary contribution of any amount.

Contributions are used to purchase individual life insurance/pension policies for garment workers in Bangladesh.

Since launching in October 2017, we collected enough to cover six workers in 2018 and will expand to 19 workers in 2019.

Dealing directly with enrolled individuals and the insurance company ensures 100% of contributions go to the program and we can provide any support required. Coverage follows the person if they change factories or leave the industry.

Progoti supports Fashion Revolution’s efforts in two major ways: by approaching garment worker financial security from a different angle (long term) and involving consumers in the solution. We hope having consumers consider the impact of their spending habits and deciding how much they value workers’ efforts, shows the industry consumers do care.  

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“Fashion Revolution is important to us because we agree with its core message; that ‘the industry needs greater transparency, ethics and sustainability’. The low-price of the high street is costing us both environmentally and ethically and change is needed…
We hope that when people shop with Retrospecced they can have confidence in knowing that they are choosing a conscious social enterprise that only sell refurbished and recycled frames.”


Retrospecced recycles and refurbishes retro and designer spectacle frames. It’s a unique social enterprise founded by Tracey and Lucy, a mother and daughter who are passionate about sustainable fashion and who believe in the power of business to be a force for good.Retrospecced are also partnered with the charity Vision Aid Overseas and donate 20% of the profits from the frames sold directly to Vision Aid Overseas on your behalf.

 When shopping for your new spectacles of shades from Retrospecced not only are you getting an individual look, you are also supporting an ethical, sustainable fashion movement and making a substantial donation to a very worthwhile charity.


Connect and learn more:


Sanna Suvi

“Fashion Revolution influenced me personally to further study fashion. I wanted to learn more so I could do more. I think Fashion Revolution is all about loving and caring; loving the clothes you buy, learning to look after them and caring about the people who made them.”


SANNA SUVI is a sustainable fashion and homeware brand that uses recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

We create unique pieces to promote a comfortable, slow lifestyle. The brand was established in 2018 by Sanna Karjalainen during her self-employed placement year at the University of Portsmouth.

With transparency and sustainability in the core values, the brand is driven to be ethical from design to delivery. We aim to recycle or reuse any waste created during the production, and every order is delivered in either recyclable or biodegradable packaging. If anything, we want to take away from the landfill, not add to it.

To stay transparent, we provide information about the background of each product and the materials used. The main production is based in Southsea, UK, and carried out by Sanna herself. We believe everyone has the right to know #whomadeyourclothes.


Connect and learn more: – shop for slogan t-shirts, £1 per item donated to Fashion Revolution


The Maverick Store

“My business will be built on fair honest relationships, with sustainable sourcing and an ethical working supply chain”


The Maverick Store is a new age independent online store. Showcasing sustainably sourced fashion, accessory & home brands with an ethical working supply chain.

Fashion Mavericks are coming together to create a sustainable future for Fashion.

Maverick is working towards zero waste and recycled plastic/no plastic throughout the supply chain.

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Watson & Wolfe

“We all have the ability to be Fashion Revolutionaries, we just have to make the conscious decision. It is important that we consider all aspects of harm that our supply chain can have, on people, animals, the air and the soil. We are raising children who deserve a habitable planet and who should respect for all living things.”


Our collection of wallets, credit card cases and travel accessories have been exquisitely handmade to the highest standard and the final pieces reflect the attention to detail we have given to design, materials and craftsmanship.

Having an ethical supply chain, being 100% cruelty free and sustainable is important to us, which is why our collection is made using an innovative future leather which is made with more than 50% plant material from non-food grade corn.

Not only does our base material have a significantly lower environmental footprint, but our luxurious lining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Even our gift boxes are made from recycled materials. Items can be personalised with initials for a truly special gift.


With Narrative

“I wouldn’t be starting an ethical fashion brand if it wasn’t for Fashion Revolution. I’ve been concerned about wage slavery & disposables for over a decade, so everything I make & sell is made to last from organic fabrics. I’m committed to transparency & beauty.”


I make clothes because I love to sew, because I want to use the skills my mum taught me, because I fell out of love with the high street when I realised how makers lived and worked (thank you, Fashion Revolution), and because I love stories.

Every piece of clothing has a story: we might remember where we bought it, or who we were with, or where the money came from to buy it. But for me, the narrative has to begin at the beginning – with the fabric, on to the maker, then to the seller and finally to the wearer(s).

So that’s why I only use organic fabric from Lebenskleidung and why my brand is called With Narrative.

Each piece is designed and made with love and to last from my sewing room near Milton Keynes, and comes with a copy of one of my short stories (that MA in Creative Writing was worth every penny!)

Connect and learn more:


Y.O.U. Underwear

“Fast and cheap fashion comes at a cost – to someone! It’s embarrassing to work in an industry that is second only to oil in the harm it causes. We need to come together behind a movement like Fashion Revolution to change that – more awareness, more transparency, more accountability. It’s wrong when your coffee costs more than your t-shirt – we need a more sustainable industry that’s better for people and the planet.”


Y.O.U is Your Own Underwear – an ethical business producing stylish, organic cotton underwear for men and women where every purchase provides underwear to people in need. We use sustainable manufacturing processes, ‘real models’ to promote body confidence, and have a ‘buy one give one’ model to provide underwear to people who don’t have it.

For me, Fashion Revolution is absolutely critical in helping the fashion industry become more sustainable. I am genuinely embarrassed to work in an industry that is second only to oil in the harm it causes – that’s shocking! It’s wrong when your coffee costs more than your t-shirt and disasters like Rana Plaza show that fast and cheap fashion comes at a cost – to someone!

I believe that we all need to come together behind a movement like Fashion Revolution to change that – greater awareness, greater transparency, greater accountability. We need a more sustainable industry that’s better for people and the planet, and this is a critical part of that.


Connect and learn more:



This Fashion Revolution Week you can join the campaign by supporting ethical and sustainable brands, like the sponsors we’ve featured here – and by asking mainstream fashion brands #WhoMadeMyClothes on social media.

You can also join us in London for a day of ethical fashion shopping, discussions and celebration on Saturday 27 April at Ethical Brands For Fashion Revolution!


Thanks to the ethical fashion brands that have sponsored our 2019 Fashion Revolution campaign, we’ve been able to provide 17 days of sewing training for women in Bangladesh, so they can get a job or start a home business, through our partners B1G1.


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