How to challenge brands on their use of plastic

How to challenge brands on their use of plastic



We all want to tackle plastic pollution, and many people embraced the highs and lows of Plastic Free July recently – but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid. Plastic is everywhere!

When you’re trying to cut down on plastic, it can be frustrating when supermarkets wrap everything in it or you order something online and have no control over the packaging. You may want to reach out to the brand and tell them you’d like them to change – but what’s the best way to start that conversation?

Back in April the ethical consumer community marked Fashion Revolution by challenging brands to tell them “Who made my clothes?” and communications expert Sabine Harnau wrote a really insightful article about how brands can respond in a meaningful and productive way. Read that piece here.

During a recent #EthicalHour Twitter chat we talked about how to engage brands in the war on plastic, so I was really pleased when Sabine agreed to come onto the podcast and chat all about how we can communicate effectively and fight plastic pollution together.

In today’s episode Sabine shares some valuable advice on how to engage brands, show the demand for plastic free and break down communication walls to bring together a community against pointless plastic.

If you’d like to know more about Sabine and her work, visit her website.

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