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The #EthicalHour chat is a weekly Twitter chat which started in 2016, bringing together ethically-focused business owners and bloggers, as well as social enterprises. It’s become a buzzing destination to connect, learn and share ethical business and lifestyle tips.

The chat is hosted every Monday at 8pm GMT/BST. Everyone is invited to take part, ask questions and share advice and support.

The #EthicalHour chat reaches over 1 million people each week. We regularly get participants from all around the world, and trend in the UK top 10 trends.

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If you run an ethical business, blog or brand, or you’re just interested in connecting and finding out more about living ethically, we’d love you to join the tribe!

Every Monday from 8-9pm (GMT/BST) is #EthicalHour
Here’s how it works…

Head over to Twitter and follow @EthicalHour. Tweet live with us during #EthicalHour (Mondays 8-9pm GMT/BST) or schedule your tweets in advance if you can’t make it live. Follow along by searching #EthicalHour and hitting “all tweets” to see updates as they happen live.

What do we tweet about?

#EthicalHour is what we make it! The more people who get involved, the better it will be. Feel free to jump in and introduce yourself, share your latest blog posts, events, ethical campaigns, news and updates. Ask questions, chat to other contributors and retweet people to spread the message far and wide!

Each week, we’ll choose the subject for next week based on suggestions during #EthicalHour. At the end of the night we’ll pin an opinion poll to the top of our profile and you can vote for next week’s subject. We’ll announce the subject during the week so you can prepare your content.

Find out how to use Twitter chats to grow your ethical business in this blog post.

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Every week we choose the top tweeter of the chat. The top tweeter is the person or brand who shares the most useful information, engages people or adds the most value on the chosen subject that week.

The top tweeter is awarded the virtual “Top Tweeter” badge, added to our list of Top Tweeters and given extra promotional shout outs  during the week.

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Every week we discuss a different topic about running a business, social enterprise or blog, or living an ethical lifestyle. You can catch up on highlights from the Twitter chats on Storify.

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#EthicalHour chat sponsorship is a unique opportunity to reach an extensive and highly targeted audience of ethical businesses, bloggers, journalists and consumers.

It’s perfect if you’re looking to raise brand awareness or drive traffic to your shop, website or blog.

We regularly reach over 1 million impressions each week during the Twitter chat and frequently trend in the UK Top 20 hashtags. In the Monday chat itself, we currently get an average of 250 – 300 contributors (roughly 80% ethical business owners and 20% ethical bloggers) during the hour, which reaches an audience of over 600,000 Twitter accounts.

Participants have raised brand awareness, sold products and services, formed business collaborations and achieved national and industry press coverage as a result of taking part in the weekly #EthicalHour chats.

Amplify your message, raise awareness of your brand and build your online presence through a well-established platform in the most cost effective way.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Listing you as the exclusive sponsor of the chat in your chosen week
  • 3 tweets about you from @EthicalHour the week before your sponsored chat
  • Extra retweets from @EthicalHour during the week of your sponsored chat
  • Encourage @EthicalHour followers to follow and retweet your account
  • Your choice of ethical topic for the #EthicalHour chat in your sponsored week
  • You will choose the week’s Top Tweeter and feature on the tweets that week promoting the winner
  • Permanent listing on our ‘#EthicalHour Sponsors’ list on Twitter

With additional options that include Instagram Stories takeovers, guest blog posts, competitions and more!

#EthicalHour chat sponsorship starts from just £50. To find out more, download the sponsorship brochure here or contact Sian for a free, no obligation chat – hello(at)

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