A better way of doing business

The Sustainable Development Goals give us a roadmap towards a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

Legacy has been written by 52 business owners who are unlocking the power of the SDGs to grow their business and make a difference in the world. They share their personal stories, insights and practical tips to help you do the same.

It’s a book that has the what, why and how of creating a business that truly matters…and it launches this July!

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Making impact happen

By subscribing, you’ve committed to making an even bigger impact in the world. Thank you! To celebrate, I’m giving 1 day of access to school books to an orphaned child in Thailand.

Thanks to my partnership with B1G1, I can give back to good causes around the world. I’m going to be sharing a range of educational resources to help you with your marketing, so it felt right that we should make a donation to someone else’s education too. Thanks for helping me Be The Change!

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