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You know your business can make a deeper impact on the world, but you need to attract the right customers to make it happen.

Marketing is a delicate balance of strategy, messaging, psychology and creativity. It’s no wonder that it leaves so many business owners feeling burnt out! But you don’t have to do it all…you just have to find what works for you.

With a marketing strategist on your team, you’ll achieve your goals without the overwhelm and find proven methods that bring results.

Which is why I’ve developed my marketing coaching method for people just like you…

Marketing coaching has the power to:

👉  Generate simple, practical, manageable marketing ideas that you can implement easily

👉 Give you the clarity to take an idea and apply it to your business time and again, to get consistent, scaleable and sustainable sales

👉  Fast-track your growth with plenty of sensible information and sound, implementable advice: jargon-free and easy to make sense of

All delivered in a personable, intelligent and authentic style, infused with a whole lot of empathy and humanity.

Your investment in marketing coaching is £100 per call*. Want to find out if we’d be a good fit? Book a free, no-obligation discovery session today!

*3 calls minimum to allow us to really make an impact. Want a one-off instead? You need a Power Hour!

“Sian, we’ve been working together 1:1 for the last 9 months. I wish I had asked you to support my marketing sooner! If you’d mapped out a marketing strategy and launch campaign for me when I started my business, I’m sure my first year in business would have felt much easier, and I would have turned a profit sooner too. Working with you has been a great investment. I feel like you’ve become part of my team, and a great pal too. Thank you.”

– Sabine, From Scratch

What kind of results can coaching achieve?

Regular marketing coaching gives you a creative sounding board for your ideas, accountability and clarity to put them into action, and support to analyse what’s working and maximise your success.

Here’s just a handful of results my coaching clients have achieved with my support:

⚡️ I helped a copywriter scale up with a targeted strategy to showcase their expertise at key industry events and in the media, supported by regular content marketing. Within 12 months, they had attracted their first 6 figure client and taken on a new team member – the first step towards their goal of establishing an agency.

⚡️ During the Covid-19 pandemic, I helped a sustainability events consultant pivot their services online, building a digital sales funnel to remove their dependency on word-of-mouth marketing and attract new clients.

⚡️ In the run up to their launch, I helped a new sustainable fashion marketplace profile their ideal customers and create an aligned social media and email marketing strategy, which meant they made their first sales to strangers within days of the website going live.

⚡️ A mental health focused social enterprise founder approached me for help with their money mindset. They were feeling guilty about charging for services, confused about how to monetise, and were relying on part-time work to pay the bills. We worked on a creating a compelling services offer, profit-focused income strategy, cash flow and confidence building, and within a few months they were able to leave their part time job and take on a member of staff too.

⚡️ A marketing consultant was feeling burnt out and struggling to attract their ideal clients. I helped them tap into their Big Why and rekindle their passion for their work – repositioning their brand to appeal to a more aligned, niche audience. This resulted in a 77% revenue increase year on year.

⚡️ I helped a tech-for-good startup find their product-market-fit at pre launch stage through a benefits analysis and detailed audience profiling, so they could run a successful crowdfunding campaign and raise the initial investment needed to bring the product to market.

⚡️ I helped a Community Interest Company dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion understand how social media could help them promote their work, demonstrate their impact and sell training and resources through 4 coaching sessions, focusing on each of the main social media platforms. Staff reported an increase in confidence and a more streamlined social media strategy as a result of this group coaching.

⚡️ I supported an ethical fashion business consultant to develop a signature services package which would appeal to their ideal clients and make the purchasing decision easier, because it was taking them a long time to generate and convert leads. We leveraged their existing network to promote the new offer, and they closed their first £9k sale within 8 weeks of us working together.

⚡️ A community social enterprise wanted to use social media to celebrate their 25th anniversary, engage existing supporters and new audiences, and raise funds to help them continue their work. I helped them design a video-focused campaign which achieved a 463% increase in social media followers and a 200% increase in engagement in month 1, and helped them raise £51,900 in donations.

Your investment in marketing coaching is £100 per call*. Want to find out if we’d be a good fit? Book a free, no-obligation discovery session today!

*3 calls minimum to allow us to really make an impact. Want a one-off instead? You need a Power Hour!

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