Marketing Review

Struggling to get the results you want?

If you’re putting time and energy into your marketing, but aren’t making a consistent income or meeting your sales targets, then something isn’t right.

If your social media engagement is low, your website isn’t converting or your list isn’t growing, let me dig into the data, find out why and get your strategy back on track.

Your marketing review will:

👉  Dive into the data to find out what’s working, and where you’re losing potential customers – so we can quickly increase your sales

👉  Show you what you’re doing well, so you can do more of it! The practical recommendations in your review will save you time and keep you focused

👉  Come with an easy-to-implement action plan explaining exactly what you need to do to reach your goals, so you can take action fast!

You’ll have a comprehensive review of your marketing with a practical action plan to follow, ready to go in just 2 weeks from now, (almost) without having to lift a finger!

Your investment in a marketing review starts from £800. Want to find out more? Book a free, no-obligation discovery session today!

“Sian is my go-to expert on building sales funnels and she can help you create an effective strategic marketing plan for your brand. She is super knowledgable, an excellent listener and communicator, plus she’s so easy to chat with, all great skills you’d expect from a strategic marketing coach and trainer. We’ve seen an uptick in our sales and I directly link that to strategies she’s provided The Simplifiers over the years and I value her expertise and insight. Highly recommend if you’re looking to grow your business, especially if you want to make a positive impact on the world through your work.”

– Mary, The Simplifiers

How does it work?

During our free discovery session, I’ll gather all the information I need to understand where you’re struggling and which bits of your marketing need to be reviewed.

When we start working together, I’ll walk you through how to share the analytics access I need quickly, easily and securely (don’t worry, it’s easy, and you don’t have to tell me your passwords!)

Then you can relax while I take a deep dive behind the scenes and prepare your marketing review! You’ll get all my recommendations and an easy-to-follow action plan within 2 weeks.

Finally, we’ll jump on a call together to go through your review, answer your questions and make sure you’re feeling confident to go forward and get the results you deserve!

What could a marketing review do for you?

Here’s just a handful of results my clients have achieved with the help of an expert marketing review:

⚡️ A vegan subscription box company was struggling to make sales and retain customers. I reviewed their sales funnel and the customer journey on their website and optimised the site structure. I then analysed and optimised the sales landing page and member’s area to meet their goals of subscriber acquisition and retention. Finally, I reviewed their email marketing strategy to make sure they were communicating effectively with new and current subscribers. My recommendations added an additional £300 in sales revenue in month one and successfully increased the recurring subscription rate by 92%, new sales by 78% and website visitors by 59%.

⚡️ I reviewed a branding consultant’s landing page, lead magnet and customer personas, to make sure they were well-aligned and as targeted as possible, prior to their online course launch. By following my recommendations, their conversion rate increased to 80%!

⚡️ A vegan fashion brand was getting high website traffic, but no sales. I reviewed their analytics to identify who was visiting the site, where they were coming from and whether this matched the brand’s customer persona. With my help, they were able to optimise their messaging to appeal to buyers, rather than followers, and increase their online sales.

⚡️ A sustainability consultant was struggling to explain their services to potential clients. Their website contained too much information, and was putting people off. I reviewed the website structure, content and customer journey to simplify the site and optimise it for their 3 core client profiles, which increased online enquiries.

⚡️ A coach for social entrepreneurs was struggling to build a community around their brand, and had let their Facebook group go stale. I reviewed their group and overall social media presence, optimised it for engagement and gave them an action plan which grew their membership by 49% and increased engagement by 150% in just a few weeks.

Your investment in a marketing review starts from £800. Want to find out more? Book a free, no-obligation discovery session today!

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