Marketing Strategy

The right marketing strategy will save you time, grow your brand and consistently generate new leads in the most cost effective ways.

Whatever stage your business is at, I can create a marketing strategy that will increase your income, giving you more resources to invest in the Big Why you’re here to bring to life!

From finding your first customers and bringing your products or services to market, to expanding into new regions, increasing your market share and getting noticed in the right places by the right people, I can design a bespoke strategy to meet your goals…

Your marketing strategy will:

👉  Dive into the mindset of your customers, find out why they buy and show you how to reach more of them in a way that builds lasting connections

👉  Craft a compelling message that shows people why they should buy from you, how you give back and what makes your business unique

👉  Plan a sales funnel that turns followers into paying customers and loyal fans – bringing you consistent, sustainable and scalable sales, so you can reach your goals, make more income and bring your Big Why to life!

You’ll receive an easy-to-understand strategy document and a practical action plan that’s easy to follow and chock full of valuable information.

We’ll review it together on a one-hour video call to make sure you’re feeling confident about taking your strategy forward.

You’ll have a bespoke, focused marketing strategy ready to go in just 4 weeks from now, (almost) without having to lift a finger!

Your investment in a marketing strategy starts from £2,000. Want to find out more? Book a free, no-obligation discovery session today!

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“Working with Sian was a real pleasure. As a business which is based on promoting ethical values, I felt that Sian understood my mission and vision and devised a strategy which will help me achieve my goals. She was very practical in her approach, highly proficient and efficient, and I am very much looking forward to working with her again in the near future!”

– Roberta, Weave Consulting

The secret to getting traction without wasting time or money

Your marketing strategy is like your roadmap to positive impact. When you get it right, you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Things feel good. You can focus on doing good.

But most business owners don’t have a strategy, because they think it will take too long to create. And that’s the reason why 60% of small businesses can’t show that marketing activities like social media are having any impact.

Consider how much time you or your team spend on those activities.

Now imagine how much time and stress you could save if you knew exactly what impact that was having on your triple bottom line – and had a clear plan for how to do more of what works.

My ethical marketing strategies consistently get results:

⚡️ I designed a strategy for an ethical accessories brand which got them featured in Psychologies Magazine, shortlisted for a major industry award and accepted to exhibit at a New York trade show, where they connected with potential wholesale buyers and secured a high profile industry mentor, all within 12 months of launch.

⚡️ A strategy I designed for a CSR specialist helped them reach a new, niche target market, generate leads for new business online and secure high profile speaking engagements in front of their ideal audience at industry conferences and events.

⚡️ With a strategy I designed, a new community focusing on empowering women in tech were able to leverage industry contacts to secure high profile speakers and sell out their first live event, despite having no digital presence a few weeks before it was due to take place.

⚡️ For a branding consultant, I built a social media and email strategy and sales funnel that helped them reposition an online course they were struggling to sell, attract a new audience and sell out their first cohort upon relaunch.

⚡️ The strategy I created for an ethical homeware and jewellery brand helped them understand their ideal customer, articulate their unique story and communicate their values visually on social media, and on their website pre-launch. The social media strategy I designed for them meant that they were able to launch successfully and attract their first sales from strangers without investing in a paid ads budget.

⚡️ A natural shampoo company approached me because they were struggling to position their brand and articulate what made their product unique, in a way that would attract paying customers. I undertook a detailed audience analysis and created a new messaging strategy that helped tell their impact story, showcase their sustainability and give the product mass market appeal.

⚡️ I developed a strategy for a community arts organisation to embed the Sustainable Development Goals into their work and formalise their theory of change, following a team workshop I facilitated to identify how they could make a greater impact. The strategy helped them leverage their purpose to increase staff retention and engagement and win new projects in the social impact sector.

Your investment in a marketing strategy starts from £2,000. Want to find out more? Book a free, no-obligation discovery session today!

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