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Meet the business leaders & sustainability experts, handpicked for their expertise and commitment to positive impact, who are teaching masterclasses inside our member’s community. Watch their sessions on demand when you join.

Anj Handa

teaches social selling and authentic audience growth

Besma Whayeb

teaches working with influencers to grow your brand

Clara Wilcock

teaches finding a work/life balance that works for you

Daniella Genas

teaches resilience by sharing her social enterprise journey

Elma Glasgow

teaches PR strategy for busy ethical entrepreneurs

Heidi FIsher MBE

teaches making and measuring more impact

Jenni Page

teaches Facebook and Instagram ads for beginners

Jennifer Hakim

teaches PR, media relations and pitching to the press

Jo Salter

teaches how to align your business with the SDGs

Mary Baird-Wilcock

teaches how to do less and achieve more

Russ Avery

teaches building your personal brand using LinkedIn

Sabine Harnau

teaches conversion copy and email marketing

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