Offsetting your plastic footprint: Greenwashing or a much-needed solution?

Offsetting your plastic footprint: Greenwashing or a much-needed solution?

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I guarantee you that not a single day passes by without using plastic in your routine.

Plastic utensils, plastic bottles, polyester, nylon, acrylic – this plastic stuff is taking over our lives!

Eliminating this addiction in your life can be difficult, but there are ways to make it possible. 

An effective way to go plastic neutral is by learning how to smartly offset your plastic (“plastic offsetting”).

Put simply, for every dollar contributed by a polluter, a certain amount of plastic waste is intercepted from the environment on your behalf as an individual or a company.

Completely eliminating plastic from your life can be extremely difficult, but a combination of thoughtful steps to reduce your impact and ethical offsetting can help advance us closer to plastic neutrality. 

The West to East plastic pattern

For over 25 years, affluent Western countries like the US, Canada, and the UK have shipped their plastic waste to poorer Asian countries struggling to control their own waste.

The “out of sight, out of mind” mindset in the West is damaging our environment and putting communities across the developing world at risk.

Over 50 million informal workers worldwide spend their entire lives sorting and recycling waste, handling the consequences of our mindless consumption for meager incomes, all without access to basic education or healthcare. Unfair, right?


reBalancing plastic for a better today

No matter which part of the world you live in, you have the power to help create a PlasticNeutral world today. So, let’s start now.

At rePurpose, we believe that the most genuine way to offset your plastic footprint is to deal with the plastic that would have otherwise never been recycled.

Through a simple three step process of measure, offset, and impact you can help create a brighter, greener future for our planet.

In merely three minutes, you can calculate your plastic footprint through the world’s first individual plastic footprint calculator and plastic offsetting service (

Offsetting through recycling of high-value plastics like PET is not a good practice because it offers marginal environmental additionality: by nature of their high value, these materials would have more than likely been picked up and recycled by workers in the informal waste industry.

 rePurpose works with vetted environmental organisations in India to ethically collect and recycle an amount of low-value plastic waste equivalent to your footprint.

Through your offset contribution, rePurpose intercepts the types of low-value plastics that are normally bound for oceans and landfills, reversing the harm that they wreak on our environment.

We put a price on these low-value plastics and support formal waste initiatives as they intercept the plastic before it reaches the oceans and landfills, adding a more ethical, organised income stream for these otherwise marginalised workers.

By offsetting your footprint, not only are you removing an amount of plastic equivalent to your footprint from the environment.

You’re also supporting forward-thinking waste organisations and helping us get closer to the circular economy — a change that far exceeds a single footprint. 

Of course, we believe that reducing our plastic footprints are essential to the mission of the circular economy.

We don’t stop at offsetting your footprint — we use the information from your unique plastic footprint to deliver custom-made conscious living tips and tricks unique to you, the reBalancer.

Now, you’ll be able to easily understand, take responsibility, and reduce your plastic footprint. 

Reduce Waste. Revive Lives. Restore Balance.

Plastic offsetting is a powerful tool to mobilize resources for solving the environmental and social crises caused by plastic pollution, while empowering both waste workers and yourself.

Join rePurpose and go #PlasticNeutral, today!


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