Fashion Revolution 2018

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#EthicalHour worked in collaboration with ethical fashion brand Where Does It Come From? to organise a live event for Fashion Revolution 2018.

On Saturday 28th April, independent ethical clothing brands from around the UK came together at London’s Brand Museum to support the Fashion Revolution message and show consumers that there is a viable, ethical alternative to high street, fast fashion brands.

Fashion Revolution marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh and has become a global movement campaigning for systematic change in the fashion industry and greater supply chain transparency.

The day included a shopping showcase allowing consumers to discover, browse and buy from a full range of independent ethical fashion brands – including clothing, footwear, accessories and jewellery.

There was an ethical fashion show, Khadi spinning demo and three expert panels and Q&A sessions covering a range of topics:

Why we’re moving back to natural fibres and fabrics
Claire Lissaman – Arthur & Henry and Common Objective
Henry Palmer – Bysshe Partnership
Jo Salter – Where Does It Come From?
Kishore Shah – Khadi Cic

Why is transparency so important to today’s consumer?
Sarah Greenaway – Mosami
Lenny Leeman – Mamoq
Jo Salter – Where Does It Come From?

What is the true cost of ethical fashion (and why is it so expensive)?
Heather Webb – Ethical Consumer Magazine
Sophie Slater – Birdsong London
Masato – Masato JONES
Sabine Harnau From Scratch

The event was attended by over 250 people and achieved local and national press coverage – including being featured by Elle magazine as the best fashion event to attend in London that weekend, and a four page spread in Natural Mumma Magazine.


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