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At the end of 2018 I started mentoring Katie Jones, host of the Food Heroes Podcast and consultant for the ethical food industry, to help her get her sales funnels in place for 2019.


Katie took part in my Instagram Academy training programme in August 2018 and within 6 months she had reached her first goal of 1,000 followers and turned Instagram into a successful marketing channel for her business.

However, her podcast and consultancy work were still very separate, despite both targeting her ideal customers in the food industry. Katie didn’t have a sales funnel in place so she was creating a lot of content on different platforms without any idea how to make it all work together.


Here’s what Katie had to say about her mentoring experience:


I had lead magnets, email sequences, social media posts, and blog content – but none of it was connected in a way that converted to clients or podcast sponsors.


Everyone I spoke to kept recommending I create more content! I was exhausted and feeling burnt out. I knew I was missing the big picture but being a solopreneur I was in the weeds unable to figure out why all this content wasn’t working.


After getting great results from the Instagram Academy, I realized I needed another set of eyes on my marketing to help me bring it all together. I needed a break from creating new content and a system to repurpose what I already had. It was a no brainer to work with you one-to-one.

As a result of working with you I now have a strategy!


I had no strategy, and now I have a very tidy sales funnel that I love. It doesn’t feel spammy or pushy. It feels like me having a conversation with another human being. My brand is all about relationships and community, so this is very important!


I feel so much relief knowing I now have a system in place. I was wondering why I wasn’t converting leads into clients, and you were able to point out the fact that I hadn’t actually told anyone how I could help them!


Specifically, my engagement is up on the funnel we designed to take people from podcast guest to client. My Instagram followers to listeners are also up.


Setting clear goals and putting the proper content in place rather than creating more because I felt like I have to has been a major shift. Thanks to you I’m not feeling the stress of creating ALL the time. I feel good knowing I have the tools in place to promote my services to my ideal clients.


The other transformation was more personal. Speaking with someone who gets the space I’m in helped me work through the mental blocks of imposter syndrome, not valuing my work, and wondering why everyone else is making six figures – to name a few. Bouncing ideas around and hearing your experience on all the advice out there helped me focus on what I need to do for my business to grow.

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