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Subscription boxes are a popular way of delivering products to subscribers every month and introducing a recurring revenue stream to your business. In 2018 I worked with a vegan subscription box to design a marketing strategy that would increase online sales and subscription renewals.


The business owner had been doing all the marketing herself and was feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to grow the business further. She had built her own website and attracted a handful of subscribers in the first couple of months, but didn’t know what to do next.


I began by profiling the ideal subscriber and building a detailed customer persona so that all marketing messages could be targeted and we could identify new platforms and opportunities to promote the brand. Next I did a full website audit using Google Analytics to understand the customer journey and where people were exiting the site and why they were not completing the checkout/subscription process.


Based on the findings of my audit and customer profile research, I was able to improve and streamline the customer journey on the site. A detailed website audit using Analytics can show you exactly what information people need before they are ready to checkout and help you make informed decisions about the page layout, website structure and content.


When business owners write their own website copy, it’s often not targeted enough or focused enough on the information customers need, because you’re too close to your own product and brand. I was able to work with the structure and copy the brand owner had created and make informed improvements based on the analytics insights and newly planned customer journey.


Finally, I designed a sales funnel and social media plan to help the brand owner run her own marketing more efficiently, raise brand awareness and drive more traffic to the site.


As a result of my targeted customer research, a customer journey planned using live data from the site, page optimisation, copy written to convert and a carefully planned sales funnel, I added an additional £300 in sales revenue in month one and successfully increased the recurring subscription rate by 92%, new sales by 78%  and website visitors by 59%. Whilst such a rapid increase in sales and subscriptions is not a typical result, the steps I took to optimise and improve the website are proven to generate results for a wide range of brands.

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