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About This Project

I worked with social entrepreneur Nyasha in 2018 as she was setting up her new online mentoring programme for social entrepreneurs wanting to start a social enterprise or looking to scale up. The aim was to launch two online mentoring programmes (Kickstart and Scale) and establish Nyasha’s personal brand as a leader in the space.


For this project I worked collaboratively with Sabine Harnau, purpose-driven copywriter from From Scratch.


Firstly we researched Nyasha’s ideal client and developed an understanding of the problems they’re facing. In particular it was clear that they were feeling overwhelmed – not just in their own work but by all the coaches, experts and mentors in the online world promising quick ways to ‘make passive income’.


Nyasha has a unique approach where she works directly with her mentees to discover the strategies that will best suit them, so we knew she wouldn’t be offering the same as everyone else, but we had to carefully plan her messaging to make sure she stood out from the crowd.


As the market is becoming saturated, I undertook competitor research to understand the coaching and mentoring landscape in the social enterprise space and the wider online business world. This helped us better understand Nyasha’s unique value proposition and helped Sabine craft highly targeted messaging that helped her stand out and appeal to her ideal customers (as a result achieving a 60% conversion rate from a highly targeted mailing list sign up page – 12x the average conversion rate! Read Sabine’s case study on that page here).


Next I designed two sales funnels – one for each of Nyasha’s mentoring programmes, to identify how we would widen her audience and convert followers into paying customers, without using the spammy or manipulative techniques being used in the wider market to sell online programmes.


Once the sales funnels were designed, I was able to turn these into a week-by-week action plan for the launch, which meant Sabine could start creating materials like sales emails, landing pages and ebooks, we could co-ordinate with the wider team and measure impact and success at every stage to make sure all our launch activities were optimised for conversion.


Like many online coaches and mentors, Nyasha had an existing Facebook group but engagement was low – with an average of 9 active daily members.


For this type of programme a Facebook group can be a really effective marketing platform, so I designed a re-engagement plan to get existing members to take a more active role in the group. This substantially increased engagement from an average of 9 active, engaged members to 165 active members:



I also designed a content strategy for the group which included working collaboratively with other prominent women in social enterprise, creating daily post prompts and providing scripts for Nyasha to do Facebook Lives within the group – with the aim of attracting new members and showcasing Nyasha’s expertise and the value of her programmes.


As a result of my strategy and content plan, I successfully grew the Facebook Group membership by 49% to 255 total members prior to the launch, which meant Nyasha had a relevant, engaged audience ready to buy into her programmes.


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