When was the last time you came up with some 🔥🔥 new marketing ideas?

Get game-changing advice from an impact marketing expert to move your business forward in just one hour!

This video call has the power to help you…

⚡️ Generate simple, practical & creative ideas for your marketing

⚡️ Achieve better results on social media in less time

⚡️ Learn productivity tips and automation hacks to save hours

⚡️ Identify, process and release the limiting beliefs and fears holding you back

⚡️ Fast track your growth and find new ways to make more income & impact

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You’ll get new ideas, advice and support from me – as well as relevant connections and recommendations, all delivered in a personable, intelligent and authentic style, infused with a whole lot of empathy and humanity.

You’ll also receive a recording of the session that you can come back to again and again to refresh your marketing in the future.

This Power Hour is ideal if you:

This Power Hour is ideal if you:

✔ Feel burnt out, overwhelmed or uninspired by your current marketing and need some fresh ideas

✔ Don’t have the time or patience for endless emails, calls and fuss

✔ Are tired of reading all the books and trying to interpret generic marketing advice for your business

✔ Need to attract new customers and increase your income

Your investment: £150

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Recently my clients have...

  • Made their first sales to strangers within days of launching their brand
  • Appeared in major press publications, on radio and television
  • Travelled around the world to showcase their work at events and trade shows
  • Sold their first £9k coaching package within 8 weeks of working with me
  • Increased sales by 78%
  • Won international awards
  • Got featured by influential celebrities
  • Made an incredible impact for the causes they care about

What can we achieve in an hour?

In a recent Power Hour with a client, we:

👉 Came up with 8 new blog post ideas

👉 Optimised the copy on his home page for more sales

👉 Planned a seasonal social media giveaway to increase his followers

👉 Designed a video strategy to improve customer service

👉 Planned an automated email funnel that will save him time welcoming new customers

👉 AND automated his customer call booking system to buy him back enough time each week to put these ideas into action!

I’m not just a marketer – I’ve got extensive experience of business coaching and working in tech – which means I can help you with ideas AND find you productivity and automation hacks that give you time back to make it happen 💪

No fluff, no fuss, just practical, actionable marketing ideas and mindset tools that bring results 🔥

“Thank you so much Sian, it’s been mindblowing actually. So many lightbulb moments! This call has given me a real plan. I’ve spent a lot of time doing the same old stuff but it needs to be a different game now, and I’ve honestly got more from this one call than I have in the last 6 months! It’s money really well spent.”

Harjit, Jewelled Buddha

Let's get started

Step 1. Schedule your session, make payment and answer 8 short questions to help me understand where you’re struggling and how I can help.

Step 2. Show up for your video call. There’s no prep work for you to do because this is about reducing your workload and overwhelm, not adding to it! Before our call I’ll spend time getting to know your brand online if you have a website and social media presence.

Step 3. Make it happen! We’ll discuss creative new ideas and timesaving hacks to help you implement your new marketing plan. I’ll send you a recording of your call so you’ve got everything you need to take your business forward!