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I’m so glad you’re here. You love The Simplifiers Podcast. We do, too! And if you’ve found your way here, there’s a strong chance you care deeply about creating meaningful change for people and the planet, too.

Welcome! Let me tell you a little more about how #EthicalHour can help you…

You deserve to be recognised as a leader for the positive impact you create with your work. You deserve to be heard in a BIG way, that’ll enable you to create change at a deeper level, and you deserve to see your soul’s purpose brought to life.

I can help you achieve that…

I’m Sian, a ethical marketing strategist and business coach. I work in partnership with impact entrepreneurs like you, to champion good causes, combat climate change, and encourage people to respect our precious planet.

I can help you create a strategy that will bring you more income, influence and impact!

It all starts inside our community of amazing changemakers!

A community that creates change…

We can provide you with a curated selection of the best content from across the internet, making it quick and easy for you to access the information and resources a busy changemaker needs.

We have a huge network of industry experts, trusted suppliers and inspiring changemakers that we can give you access to.

And we can provide tailored support to unlock the skills and knowledge to really move your impact forward.

And we can provide tailored support to unlock the skills and knowledge to really move your impact forward.

Together, we’ll inspire each other and provide the much-needed accountability, connection and understanding necessary to create a bigger impact in the world.


🌿 Exclusive talks and Q&A sessions with industry leading experts

🌿 Access to a library of over 21 hours of premium video training on marketing and personal branding to help you become a thought leader and grow your business

🌿 Coaching questions, thought prompts and support inside our member’s only Facebook Group

🌿 Virtual networking calls with other members

🌿 A monthly competition to win free a coaching and publicity package worth over £300!

🌿 A listing on our Member’s Map so you can find members in your local area and connect when you’re travelling

🌿 A listing on our Impact Pledge Wall, where you can see everyone’s mission for change in one place and connect with like-minded people

🌿 Access to our list of trusted suppliers so you can find business support quickly and easily

🌿 Peer support, networking and facilitated introductions to like-minded changemakers

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