[2] Leesa: Sleep, Social Impact and The BCorp Movement

[2] Leesa: Sleep, Social Impact and The BCorp Movement


In this episode, Sian welcomes Richard Tucker to the podcast. Richard is Managing Director at Leesa, an innovative US company that is revolutionising sleep and social impact.

The Leesa Mattress is available exclusively online and is delivered to your door, compressed in a box. With a 100 night risk free trial, Leesa is designed to eliminate the awkward, time consuming bed shopping experiences.

As a company they are driven by a strong social mission to tackle homelessness. For every 10 mattresses sold 1 is donated to charity and they recently hit a major donation milestone.

Leesa are a certified BCorp organisation committed to the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. Richard joins us to discuss what BCorp status means and how businesses can build impact into their DNA from the beginning, as well as the struggles involved when balancing profit and purpose.

To find out more about Leesa, visit their website.

You can find out more about the BCorp movement here.

If you’re interested in starting or growing a business with purpose, you can access tailored training, advice and support inside the #EthicalHour community: ethicalhour.co.uk/our-community/

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