How to sleep soundly – in collaboration with Leesa

How to sleep soundly – in collaboration with Leesa

When you start trying to live more ethically, there’s a lot of issues and dilemmas that can keep you awake at night. It’s impossible to live 100% ethically all of the time, but it’s easy to beat yourself up that you’re not doing enough, or to be kept awake by guilt.

Plus when you’re a busy business owner trying to build a brand and change the world, you need to make sure that you make the most of any precious shut eye you can get.

Did you know that sleep has been shown to improve memory, creativity and has many health benefits too?

I’ve worked hard to encourage people to let go of their guilt and celebrate the small steps towards a more ethical lifestyle, so I was thrilled to learn that I could do the same for myself and make a difference – quite literally in my sleep!

I was first introduced to Leesa through Besma at Curiously Conscious. After reading her review, I was really pleased when they reached out to collaborate.

Experts recommend that you should change your mattress every 7-10 years. I don’t want to think how old mine was (in the spirit of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ we got it second hand from family members) but I didn’t really know where to start finding an ethical replacement, until Leesa came along.

Leesa are a certified B-Corp, which means that their business meets high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. It also means that they focus on the positive impact they can have on people and the planet – as well as their profit.

Environmentally, The Leesa Mattress is made in the UK and they partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every mattress sold to offset their carbon footprint. They avoid landfill waste by donating or recycling any mattresses returned under their 100 night risk free trial too.

The Leesa Mattress arrives compressed and rolled to fit in a box 106cm tall – which makes it fairly easy to take delivery (even if you’re in a second floor flat like us!) It’s nice and easy to get out the box, just make sure you’ve removed your old mattress first because The Leesa Mattress starts to expand as soon as it’s taken out. Remember if your old mattress is in good condition you can donate it or pass it on!

The only downside for me was that the mattress came wrapped in lots of plastic, but that’s how they get it into the box and stop it expanding, so it’s not really avoidable unfortunately.

It’s ready to sleep on within just 2 hours, and they say it gets more comfortable over the first 24 hours. It was definitely more difficult to jump out of bed in the morning that’s for sure!

Leesa also care about supporting communities and tackling social issues too. Did you know, in the last year, 275,000 people have approached their local authority for homelessness assistance? According to Crisis, approximately 3,569 people are sleeping rough across England in any one night.

Leesa donates one mattress to charitable organisations that support homeless people and at risk men, women and children, for every ten sold. Having a safe place to sleep at night is something nobody should be without.

I’ve definitely slept better since getting a Leesa Mattress and I’m finally enjoying a truly comfortable night’s sleep after ditching my old, uncomfortable one. If yours is due for a change and you’re looking for a more ethical mattress, check out Leesa. You can get £80 and there’s a 100 night risk free trial. Head to to order yours.

This post was sponsored by Leesa. I was gifted a Leesa Mattress in order to write this review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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