Spring clean your marketing in 3 easy steps

Spring clean your marketing in 3 easy steps

Is your marketing working?

The sun’s been shining and summer is on it’s way, so it’s a great time to review what’s working with your marketing and what you could do better.

Sometimes you just need to step back and work on your business for a while, instead of in it.

You’ll get some much-needed perspective and insights into how you can grow even further and make your business thrive.

It’s time to Spring clean your marketing! Here’s 3 simple steps you can take today to make your marketing more successful…

Step 1: Reconnect with why

You’re running an ethical business, so there’s a strong chance you’re trying to make a positive impact somewhere, and that what you do is driven by your values. Right?

Sometimes, especially when we get busy, we can forget why we started in the first place.

So today, take 10 minutes to reconnect with your vision. What positive impact do you want to make? What values are driving your business? Write it all down – it’s good stuff!

Now spend 10 minutes on your website, social media profiles and a recent piece of marketing you’ve done. Look through your recent content and consider how well what you’re sharing is showing off your brand values and telling your story.

You’ll quickly spot things you could have improved or find old content you can share again.

Remember, your values are a key part of your brand story – don’t be afraid to tell it!

Step 2: Follow your customer journey

Your blog, social media, adverts and any other marketing you do should be leading your customers through a journey. Eventually that should get them to your website and convert them into a sale.

Although you might know each step of your customer journey in detail, when was the last time you followed it from start to finish?

Step into your customer’s shoes and follow the journey all the way through your marketing to see if there’s anything missing or something you need to add or improve.

Step 3: Structure your content

You’ve probably got loads of content you’ve written or shared, but how hard is it working for you?

One really good way of spring cleaning your marketing is to go through your values, customer profiles and old content and identify several key themes. These should be something that your audience is interested in, relates to your business and fits with your customer journey.

For example, if you’re an ethical coffee company, one of your themes might be Fairtrade. Another might be ethical sourcing, or coffee appreciation.

Set these out and assign one to each day of the week. Congratulations! You’ve just created yourself a content calendar!

Now go through all your old content that’s performed well and still relevant, bookmark it, and don’t be afraid to share it again when the relevant day comes around.

Structuring your content and going through your old stuff is time consuming, but trust me, it’ll save you hours later on and you’ll thank yourself!


So there you have it…3 simple steps you can take today to make your marketing better and move you closer towards your goals.

Plus as a bonus step, why not optimise your Twitter profile to make it even more successful? Our FREE masterclass will show you how! Watch it here.

What have you done recently to improve your marketing or make things run more smoothly? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


Spring clean your marketing with these 3 easy steps | make your marketing strategy work, improve your social media and achieve your marketing goals for your small business

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