[10] Lucy With a Why: Strong opinions, speaking your truth and finding your tribe

[10] Lucy With a Why: Strong opinions, speaking your truth and finding your tribe

Marketing: Love it or loathe it, business relies on it.

Today’s guest is a fellow marketer, Ethical Hour member and close friend of mine, Lucy Dowson, AKA Lucy With A Why.

Lucy is a straight-talking, purpose driven direct marketer who isn’t afraid to speak her truth to attract her tribe. She works with businesses that have a purpose stronger than just profit and helps people find their brand voice so they can communicate effectively, market what they do and stand out from the crowd!

In today’s conversation we talk all about the power of owning and telling your story in your own authentic voice. We discuss how to overcome the fears of a negative backlash and share some tips for making waves on social media.

To join Lucy’s ‘Lucy With A Wine’ newsletter, you can subscribe here: bit.ly/lucywithawine

In her own words: “It’ll be straight-up, sweary in parts, but overall written with integrity from someone who’s learning every single day and not shy to show her flaws. You’re not going to make a million with this email, but you will learn some stuff that, if you decide to implement, could mean you buy me a drink one day to say thanks.”

To find out more about Lucy, visit: lucywithawhy.com/

If you’re interested in starting or growing a business with purpose, you can access tailored training, advice and support inside the #EthicalHour community: ethicalhour.co.uk/our-community/

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