Sustainable tourism, the SDGs and how storytelling can change the world

Sustainable tourism, the SDGs and how storytelling can change the world


In today’s episode I’m joined by Vicky Smith from Earth Changers, a site dedicated to promoting the best ethical and sustainable travel options the world has to offer. Vicky tells us how she found her purpose through travel and why she’s committed to helping people find the best opportunities to change the world as they explore.

We discuss a whole range of topics from the Sustainable Development Goals to finding your purpose and even how ‘dark tourism’ can help to change your perspective and even the course of history. Plus we swap a few travel stories of our own too!

Find out more about Earth Changers and check out their amazing destinations here:


Read Sian’s article on travel and ethical business in the August edition of Natural Mumma Magazine on page 16/17:


If you’re interested in ethical travel, you may also like to listen to our episode with Don Desmond from Critically Endangered Socks, to hear how he was inspired by his time in Borneo and witnessing the destruction of the rainforest:


Find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals here:


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