Top ethical bloggers you should be working with


Top ethical bloggers you should be working with

Bloggers work hard over a long period of time to build an audience. Their readers trust them when they recommend products or share their opinions, so working with bloggers can be the perfect opportunity for brands to get their product in front of a targeted audience.

In the world of ethical fashion, cruelty-free beauty and ethical and sustainable living, some bloggers are really dominating their niche. For them, working with brands is an opportunity to generate new content, discover new products and can also be a good source of income. For the brands that work with them, being featured in a blog post or review can be much more cost effective than advertising.

Successful blogger/brand collaborations are all about building a mutually beneficial relationship, and there’s no one set of rules. Each blogger works with brands differently and working with bloggers requires research and a tailored approach, but it’s well worth the effort. To help ethical brands get started, I’ve been interviewing some of the #EthicalHour bloggers to find out how they like to work with brands and what advice they’d like to share…


Tolly Dolly Posh ethical fashion bloggerName: Tolly
Blog: Tolly Dolly Posh

You should work with me if…
You’re a fashion brand that values ethics and sustainability as much as you value aesthetics.

It’s also a bonus if you value a blogger’s work like your own, understanding that a lot of work goes into what we do and that a collaboration needs to be equally as beneficial for us.

What’s your blog all about?
It started off as a fashion and style blog which fairly heavily focused on fast-fashion as that’s all I knew at the time (around five years ago), but it has slowly and surely progressed to becoming an ethical-only fashion space where I discuss brands I love, issues which need to be spoken about and how we can all try and push for a more ethical industry whether that is as consumers, bloggers or as brands as well.

What do you look for in the brands you work with?
A brand that really values what I do as work is super important to me. Realising that blog posts aren’t just text and images; they’re hours of writing and rewriting, taking photos and editing them to match my style and vision, and constant social media promotion from the moment a blog post is published. I think when brands don’t honour this, the job actually becomes less enjoyable because it feels more like they’re using you rather than actually cooperating. Patience and understanding when communicating is vital on top of all the ethics and sustainable issues I value.

What’s your top tip for ethical brands who want to work with you?
Understand what I’m about and do your research before contacting me. I think a lot of bloggers would agree. I do enjoy working with a brand from scratch and working up ideas from nothing but that can also be frustrating because I don’t know what they’re aiming for. So many bloggers work in different ways, and not as many ethical brands have begun to utilise them (mainly due to smaller budgets, I believe), so many who contact me don’t know where to start. Reading my blog or asking for examples of previous work before asking for ideas will be beneficial to the both of us. You’ll see what kind of projects and collaborations I’ve done in the past and we can work on something similar or find inspiration. Especially as a fashion blogger who bases their work around photography and original content, I like everything I do to be unique and organic to who I’m working with, which is why we need a mutual understanding.


Leah Wise Ethical BloggerName: Leah Wise
Blog: Style Wise Blog

You should work with me if…
You are an ethical fashion, beauty, or lifestyle brand that prioritizes fair labor practices and overall sustainability, and have great brand story.

What is your blog all about?
The jumping off point for my blog is fair trade and sustainable clothing, but I incorporate broader discussions on ethics, activism, and social responsibility as well. I want to explore what it means to live ethically in every facet of our lives, from consumer habits to how we interact with people we meet day-to-day.

What do you look for in the brands you work with?
I look for synergy first and foremost. The ease of interaction I have with the owner or marketing associate is a good indication of how successful the partnership will be. Do we think about our projects in similar ways? Do we ask the same questions about sourcing? Does the brand have some familiarity with my writing style and aesthetic?

I also look for brands that have a great story to tell, because I know my readers will respond best if they really “get” the brand.

What’s your top tip for ethical brands who want to work with you?
Make sure you have compelling branding and a consistent aesthetic. Think about your product line in terms of an ideal customer or archetype. I will work very hard to create a post that is of high quality and embodies your brand, but at the point of reader click-through, it’s all up to you.


Kasi Martin ethical bloggerName: Kasi Martin
Blog: The Peahen

You should work with me if…
You’re an ethical or sustainable fashion brand looking to raise your profile and compete with conventional brands.

What is your blog all about?
Ethical fashion for the mainstream consumer. I write investigations, guides, thought-pieces, interviews and product reviews devoted entirely to the subject. My focus area is sustainability, but I am open to multiple niches in ethical fashion if I feel passionate devotion from the brand.

What do you look for in the brands you work with?
Aesthetics (it has to be just as stylish and wearable as luxury fashion)
Commitment to sustainable fabrics
Rigorous supply chain monitoring
Proof of ethical treatment of workers
Use of fashion as a vehicle to elevate the profile of women, both economically and socially

What’s your top tip for ethical brands who want to work with you?
Tailored pitches! Tell me why you want to work specifically with me. Also, don’t assume that ethical bloggers are free to work with due to the nature of the work. We’re equally as passionate as you, and want to champion the cause, but we have to make a living too.


Name: Sophie
Blog: Soph’s Choices

You should work with me if…
You’re an ethical brand with a conscious ethos looking to promote your products / services to an ethical audience.

What’s your blog all about?
Soph’s Choices is a blog dedicated to promoting health and wellness from nutrition and fitness to inner alignment and compassion. I am a keen advocate of living sustainably and cruelty-free with simple methods that suit every home and lifestyle. My topics range from minimalism and zero waste to veganism and wellness and every post is designed with clean, simple, green living in mind.

What do you look for in the brands you work with?
I look for authenticity and a drive to promote sustainable, cruelty-free and ethical products and services. I need to feel connected to your brand or services as I promote only the things I genuinely love.

What’s your top tip for ethical brands who want to work with you?
Let’s build a mutual connection that benefits us all and can continue to grow – I don’t want to feel part of a mass send-out!

Name: Caitlin Forrest
Blog: REALatable Blog

You should work with me if…
I am an ethical blogger, so we need to share the same values. One of them being compassion. Compassion is important in terms of ethical brands because we think about the “bigger picture”, the triple bottom line. Profit is only portion. Together we can help promote the other two – people and planet. We are heroic and can help spread a powerful message through words.

What is your blog all about?
I like to blog through experience and business ethics. I am happy to support ethical brands and think of creative approaches to spread the message.

What do you look for in the brands you work with?
I look for brands that share the same values and outlook in the world as me. It doesn’t have to be fashion or make up. As long as the brand thinks about the triple bottom line I am happy to promote them.

What’s your top tip for ethical brands who want to work with you?
Keep an open mind. I don’t preach. There has to be some consideration that to the average person it might be difficult to be completely ethical. Together we can educate but not shame.


Eleanor-Claudie-ethical-bloggerName: Eleanor
Blog: Eleanor Claudie

You should work with me if…
You’re looking for a cruelty free or ethical fashion blog to promote your brand or business, and you share my love for all things ethical on my website. I’m always looking for new and innovative ideas and I am open to all suggestions.

What’s your blog all about? is about ethical fashion and cruelty free beauty. Documenting my journey into buying ethical fashion, I want to inspire and educate people to be more conscience when they’re shopping and look at ethical fashion as something that is positive and accessible for anyone, no matter their budget. Both fast fashion and testing on animals are incredibly widespread issues and they should be discussed – supporting ethical brands and businesses is a huge part of the change.

What do you look for in the brands you work with?
Honesty and communication. I love developing new ideas that are put in place to develop a positive image surrounding ethical fashion and creating unique content that will hopefully inspire or educate on my blog. My blog is an expression of both creative ideas and information, with the aim to help, inform or inspire so if you’re a brand that is looking to do the same I would love to work with you!

What’s your top tip for ethical brands who want to work with you?
Working with brands is a collaborative effort and I would love to share both our ideas on my blog to get the most out of the collaboration. Like I said above, I’m always interested in new ideas and developing something unique on my blog.

A brand that has looked into your blog and personalises the collaboration or email even slightly is amazing to see. I think ethical bloggers can be really beneficial to brands due to such a wide target audience that is unaware of how great ethical fashion can be.


Stephanie-Ethical-Fashion-BloggerName: Stephanie
Blog: Sense of Aesthetic

You should work with me if…
You’re an ethical fashion brand looking for exposure to a fashion forward audience, or a green beauty brand looking for product reviews.

What’s your blog all about?
My blog is about getting green beauty and ethical fashion resources into the hands of young women who care about style and may be a green convert or may need a bit of convincing. It’s all about making ethical choices accessible to everyone!

What do you look for in the brands you work with?
In the brands I work with, I primarily look for an ethical mission. But I also look for brands that put an emphasis on modern, approachable aesthetics.

What’s your top tip for ethical brands who want to work with you?
My top tip for brands who want to work for me is to respect the fact that blogging takes a lot of work. I respect ethical brands, their missions and their passions, and I believe that bloggers deserve equal respect for the amount of work and planning that goes into writing, photography, videography and editing!


Name: EdieThe Life of Edie Ethical Fashion Blog
Blog: The Life of Edie

You should work with me if:

You share the same passion for ethical and sustainable fashion and/or all things cruelty free and vegan. If you value ethics and want to spread the same powerful message, I’d love to work with you!

What is your blog all about?

With I aim to inspire others to live more consciously and ethically, from what they wear to what they eat. I love speaking about issues I’m passionate about, and to encourage people to challenge the norms.


What do you look for in the brands you work with?
Transparency. It’s very important to me to know where what I’m buying comes from. I wouldn’t feel comfortable advertising a company that was unethical in any way. I love communicating with brands and developing new ideas, and just having that freedom to be creative!


What’s your top tip for ethical brands who want to work with you?
Please understand what is important to me before contacting me. I receive really odd emails with offers to advertise anything from curtains to bouncy castles, and it’s obvious the sender hasn’t even looked at my blog. When a brand is genuinely interested in what you’re about and what you do, and you as a blogger love the brand, it shines through in the post. That mutual understanding is very important!



Name: Sophie Davies
Blog: The Private Life of a Girl

You Should Work With Me If:

You’re an ethical brand looking for a blogger with an established audience to help build your online presence and raise brand awareness through evergreen content, sponsored posts, product reviews, social media promotion, and brand ambassadorships.

What Is Your Blog All About: 

The Private Life of a Girl is a minimal lifestyle blog created for readers interested in minimal style and simple living.  Content focuses on life, style, and self-improvement; including beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle content focusing on minimal living.

What Do You Look For In The Brands You Work With:

I look for brands with a strong aesthetic and quality products.  I showcase independent brands and makers from around the world, encouraging my readers to shop local, buy handmade, and support independent makers.

What’s Your Top Tip For Ethical Brands Who Want to Work With You: 

Being honest, open, and transparent is very important to me.  I try not to encourage needless consumerism and I carefully consider every product and brand before sharing it on the blog.  I prefer to collaborate with ethical, independent businesses and build strong relationships with them over time.  I’m selective about the brands I work with and only share products I believe in.  After four years, I understand my audience very well and the best way to share content with them for maximum impact; maintaining autonomy over the content I create is essential for successful collaborations.


If you’re looking for ethical bloggers to work with, the #EthicalHour Twitter chat (Mondays 8pm GMT) is a great place to start. You can also meet and connect with our growing tribe of ethical businesses, bloggers and brands in the FREE #EthicalHour Growth Network on Facebook. Join today!


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