Creating the most impactful community of changemakers on the internet

Creating the most impactful community of changemakers on the internet

Exciting news! Our community is evolving.

Our mission is to create the most impactful, productive and vibrant community for changemakers on the internet, and this is how we’re going to do it…

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From creating a safe space for conscious consumers & businesses…


#EthicalHour began at a time when there wasn’t an online community for changemakers like us.

I set out to create a space where people could feel supported in living an ethical & sustainable lifestyle while running a triple bottom line business – something that was often considered ‘hippy’, out of the ordinary, and to some, even “a bit weird!”

Since then, we’ve seen…

  • Blue Planet II thrust plastic pollution into the public spotlight,
  • MPs investigating the environmental impact of fast fashion,
  • Thousands of people worldwide taking their demand for a better world to the streets in #fridaysforfuture and #extinctionrebellion, and
  • Countries around the world are beginning to declare a climate emergency


The ethical market has grown, big brands are beginning to adopt deeper sustainability practices and everyday consumers are starting to make more ethical and sustainable purchasing decisions.

It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come – and it inspires me to reflect on what comes next…

Members of the #EthicalHour community celebrate the Be The Change Awards in London


…And knowing each member personally…


There was a time when I knew every member of our Facebook group personally – I could scroll through our members list and tell you what they do, off the top of my head.

That meant I could connect like-minded members with each other, share relevant opportunities, and build this group as a true community with meaningful relationships.


…To a supercommunity of 2,700 members…


I celebrate our growth because it means there are more inspiring changemakers out there than ever before.

But with our ever-increasing size, it’s harder to maintain the personal connections and buzzing atmosphere that this group has become known for.

Other communities have also sprung up teaching, discussing and sharing similar topics, and I’ve noticed some members getting overwhelmed with too much information and the pressure to show up in all these spaces.

We’re all under increasing pressure to juggle our online lives alongside everything else.

Like many of you, I’ve found myself feeling stressed, anxious, and unable to keep up with all my notifications.

This overwhelm doesn’t help anyone. It’s bad for our health.

I certainly don’t want to create another online space that has such toxic side effects.

That’s why I’ve been reflecting on the purpose of this community, and how it can be part of the solution going forward.


…And a calling to create change on a deeper level


Being in a community with like-minded people alone is not going to create the systematic change our world needs.

To make that happen, we as ethical brand owners need to break out of the echo chamber, sell our products and services to the mainstream and become spokespeople for our cause.

Together, we need to reach the masses and encourage behaviour change from everyone – from world leaders to the average consumer on the street.

As a changemaker, your impact business can create the income and audience you need to lead this movement.

Imagine a beautiful world where ethical and sustainable business is the norm.

We can create that.

The next step is to deepen our work together – to hone in on quality over quantity and make our impact happen at a wider and deeper level.


Subscription Details

Exciting changes coming to our Community!


The #EthicalHour team and I want to be more present in the community.

We can provide you with a curated selection of the best content from across the internet, making it quick and easy for you to access the information and resources a busy changemaker needs.

We have a huge network of industry experts, trusted suppliers and inspiring changemakers that we can give you access to.

And we can provide tailored support to unlock the skills and knowledge to really move your impact forward.

Together, we’ll inspire each other and provide the much-needed accountability, connection and understanding necessary to create a bigger impact in the world.

You’ve seen a preview of this in action through the content we’ve been creating in the group over the last couple of weeks, and we want to keep this momentum going.

It’s already creating powerful results for our members.



I want to give my energy to the people that are going to go out and make the type of impact that I’m inspired by. And I’m sure that’s the type of changemakers you want to be surrounded by too.

How powerful would it be if you were spending focused time with people on the same mission as you, who are as deeply passionate, invested and committed as you are?

  • You’ll get off the stress rollercoaster and away from notification overwhelm
  • You’ll get more done and make more of an impact
  • You’ll feel confident to put yourself out there, showing up as a thought leader


We’ll get to reconnect with each other and strengthen our relationships so we can form impactful collaborations, share relevant opportunities and break out of the echo chamber together.


To make this work, we need your help…


You’ve told us you want more meaningful connections from the community, so we’re introducing some new features!


To help you understand who’s in the community, what impact they’re making and who you could collaborate with, we’re introducing:

An Impact Pledge Wall where you’ll be able to see everyone’s mission for change in one place

A Member’s Map so you can connect to people local to you – or on your travels

Virtual Networking – video calls to connect our members and get to know each other better


To make this happen, we’re introducing a small membership fee of £20 per month to be part of our community going forwards.

(Existing members of our Facebook group who subscribe before 30th May 2019 will benefit from an early bird rate of £10 per month).



When you became a changemaker, you made a personal pledge – to leave the world a better place than you found it by having a meaningful impact for the causes you care about.

We’re now inviting our members to share those pledges publicly, so we can connect like-minded changemakers and bring powerful impact to life.

Once we know more about the community’s shared vision for a better world, we’ll be able to use your investment to create tailored resources, training and support to make it happen.

Through the power of collaboration, our community will become a powerful, impactful space for changemakers to take their work to the next level.


What you’ll get as a member of this improved community of changemakers:


– Exclusive talks and Q&A sessions with industry leading experts

– Access to premium video training on marketing and personal branding to help you become a thought leader

– Regular coaching questions, thought prompts and support to help you apply the training to your business, created exclusively for the group

– Virtual networking calls with other members

– A monthly competition to win free a coaching and publicity package worth over £300!

– A listing on our Member’s Map so you can see other members in your local area, or make new connections when you’re travelling

– A listing on our Impact Pledge Wall, where you can see everyone’s mission for change in one place and connect with like-minded people

– Access to our list of trusted suppliers so you can find business support quickly and easily

– Peer support, networking and facilitated introductions to like-minded changemakers

– A free physical copy of my upcoming co-authored book “Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action” if you take out an annual subscription before 1st June 2019


Let’s plant some trees


For every month that you’re a member, we’ll also plant a tree in Kenya through The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust.

This will help combat environmental degradation and absorb carbon, as well as provide an income to the local community.

If 50% of the current community choose to stay for the next 12 months, we can plant over 16,000 trees together this year! We can literally watch our collective impact grow.


How to join the new and improved #EthicalHour community


1. Subscribe using the PayPal button. This will set up a recurring PayPal payment on the day you sign up, and can be cancelled any time directly through your PayPal account, should you decide to leave.

If you sign up for an annual subscription before 1st June, I’ll send you a physical copy of my new co-authored book “Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action” when it’s released this Summer!

Membership terms and conditions are available here.


2. We’ll email you a welcome email with instructions on how to create your pledge and add yourself to our Member’s Map.

3. On Monday 3rd June, we will celebrate our first monthly tree planting day as we make an impact for every member that has chosen to stay!

Together, we’ll make our movement for change bigger, deeper and stronger.


For those who decide not to become a member now:


If being part of the paid community isn’t right for you right now, you’re always welcome to join us later – so bookmark this member subscription page.

You’ll still be able to connect with the community during our  weekly Twitter chat. We meet on Twitter every Monday at 8pm UK time using hashtag #EthicalHour to discuss a wide range of ethical and sustainable topics.

After 30th May, non-subscribers will be removed from our Facebook group – but you can always re-join at the new member rate if you decide it’s right for you later!

If you are ready to step into your true potential as an impact maker and connect with a like-minded community at a deeper level, then I invite you to become part of our vibrant new community!


I can’t wait to step up to the next level!

Creating a powerful, global and activated community of impact entrepreneurs using their voice to transform the world.

I know we can create amazing change together.

Subscribe here to be part of it:

Membership terms and conditions are available here.

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