[16] When Good Stuff Happens – philanthropy, CSR and social enterprise

[16] When Good Stuff Happens – philanthropy, CSR and social enterprise

Annie Moon is a Virtual Assistant for changemakers, with experience in CSR, philanthropy and social enterprise. She has worked across the charity, not-for-profit and community development sector on a wide range of projects, and she’s now bringing her experience and insights to a new online conference, When Good Stuff Happens.

When Good Stuff Happens will share interviews and insights from leaders in the philanthropy and CSR sector.

In this episode, Annie gives us a sneak peek of some of the big insights learnt from When Good Stuff Happens, as well as sharing tips for how ethical and social entrepreneurs can improve their business systems and work smarter. Plus she shares what it’s like to work with a virtual assistant and how it can help us grow our ethical businesses!

Find out more about Annie and the services she provides here: https://www.bethedifferenceva.com/

Register for When Good Stuff Happens here: https://www.bethedifferenceva.com/when-good-stuff-happens


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