You already have everything you need to change the world

You already have everything you need to change the world

When did you first look at the world and think “I want to change that?”

If you’ve ever taken to the streets to protest an issue, signed an online petition, felt outraged watching the news, taken the recycling out or quietly made changes to your shopping habits because of a brand’s behaviour, then you’ve already taken a stance on an issue and felt passionate about making an impact. You, my friend, are a changemaker.

In the face of global issues, the world needs people like you.

From climate change to pollution, human rights abuses to mass extinctions, poverty, hunger, coral reef damage, deforestation, slavery, animal cruelty and CO2 emissions, all around the world and in our communities at home there are major global issues to tackle and changes that we need to make.

Our precious planet has never been more vulnerable than it is at the moment.

Trying to change the world can be a lonely place. At this week’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit, even eco-idol Stella McCartney has opened up about how lonely the path of a sustainability champion can be.

Changing the world isn’t easy, but you already have everything you need to make it happen. You have the values and vision for a better world. Now is the time to be the change you wish to see.

Not everyone will understand your choices, but there is a whole tribe of changemakers just like you out there waiting and willing to join the cause.

Around the world millions of people are becoming ‘everyday activists’, using their voice, spending power and lifestyle choices to have a positive impact on global issues.

The world needs us to follow the inner calling to create a change. If you’re called to a purpose beyond just profit, now is the time to step up, step in and create your own meaning.

It’s time to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Let’s do this!

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